Wednesday, 10 August 2016

NEW Singapore Stocks Charting Tool

I have always used ChartNexus as my go to charting application. It is fairly simple to use and hey, it's free after all so not much complains here.

Recently, a new charting tool for Singapore stocks has been brought to my attention and I am here to share it with you today.

The website is by InvestingNote and you can click here to view the charts. It is based on TradingView’s charting software and it has an array of technical indicators that you can apply for your own strategy. TradingView’s original software does not contain SGX stocks but InvestingNote has managed to solve that problem.

It is completely free; you can even make an account to save the charts as well as view other trade ideas that others might have. Currently, you can only view the daily, weekly and monthly chart. Intraday charts are still unavailable.

Feel free to share if you have other charting tools that you’d like to share.


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